Directing profession side effects

November 12, 2023

When entering new spaces, builders can’t help but inspect the finishing touches, while security personnel are accustomed to spotting hidden cameras. However, here are a few ‘side effects’ that I’ve noticed as a side effect of DIRECTING:

1 – I see every person as a CHARACTER. When I look at a new person, several ideas come to mind about the character they’d be easiest to portray. Some seem like perfect medieval warriors. While in others’ faces, you can discern the positivity characteristic of a main character’s friend. And some are perfect protagonists who unexpectedly turn into villains in the movie.

2 – I’m constantly STEALING STORIES. When writing a script, we can always choose whether the story’s foundation is fictional or based on real events. In the latter case, it’s much easier to achieve a good result. Real stories are rich with unique details. If you’re writing a scene where an octopus is prepared, it’s much easier to write it if you’ve prepared it yourself. You’ll know how difficult it is to make it not rubbery.

3 – When interacting with people, I notice that real people, just like a movie character, has an EXTERNAL GOAL (what they think they want) and an INTERNAL GOAL (what they truly need). The main character in ‘Breaking Bad,’ for instance, initially believed he was manufacturing drugs for his family’s well-being. However, over time (spoiler alert), he discovered he was doing it for himself. Characters without such internal-external conflicts aren’t interesting. Observing those around me (and myself), I realize we’re all great characters.

Directed by Albinas Kirkilas

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