Tell me what you wish to sell. I will surprise you with a catchy idea for your commercial.


Why me?

Hi, my name is Albinas and I love to provide you emotions and sales. I am a commercials & films director from Lithuania. I have created this website for you (my current and potential friends, partners and clients) to get to know me and my work better. Contact me for any VIDEO projects. Here are 3 reasons why clients send me love letters.
Commercials director Albinas Kirkilas


My VIDEO ads help to make more money. My directing experience is enriched by marketing skills. That is a constant reminder that the main reason for an ad is to make sales.


Imagine – right before the shot, the caveman actor appears to have braces… I stay calm and positive while solving dozens of little challenges before they even reach you!


I make sure all the team is working on the same STORY. I create a FULL concept (including the script, directions for lights, acting, camera work, make up & clothing).


Contact me and I will surprise you with at least a few possible solutions.
Commercial and films director Albinas Kirkilas

My goal is to inspire audience to take action

Filmmaking is the most expensive art in the world. Luckily, the genius of ideas can easily beat expensive but story-less commercials. My goal for commercials is to inspire viewers to take action (whether it’s buying your product or subscribing to your newsletter).

If I see that VIDEO ad will not help you – I will tell you. Why? Because I wish you would tell your friends that the VIDEO directed by this extremely tall guy made you loads of money. Contact me as director or as a whole production team and I will be quick to suggest an idea for you!

P.S. Feel free to call me as a director or as a whole production team.


Let me offer you an idea to increase your sales!